Welcome to the “Tuna Functional®” Care

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In order for you to receive all the sought-after benefits, the consumption should be of all the contents (tuna + sauce);
  • The minimum consumption of 2 cans per week of Tuna Functional® is recommended.
  • It ensures the daily input of EPA/DHA;
  • It contributes to:
    • The normal functioning of the heart;
    • Maintaining a normal eye sight;
    • Maintaining a normal blood pressure;
    • Maintaining a normal brain function;
  • It’s a ready-to-eat convenience product;
  • It’s a product with the Ramirez seal of quality.


  • The pattern of consumption is the same as for conventional food;
  • It’s more complete than a food supplement as it has the nutritional value of the food combined with the micronutrients with which it is naturally enriched;
  • It shows beneficial health effects in the portions usually ingested in the diet.
  • It’s a scientifically tested FUNCTIONAL FOOD;
  • It’s a “SUPER CANNING” which has five health claims authorized by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority [ Autoridade Europeia para a Segurança Alimentar]).